The Motive

Diving back to our beginnings, the idea for a stunning piece of acoustical art came to mind. Development, engineering, testing, and manufacturing was applied to this vision, ensuring the realization of such a product. What came to life is the beginning of a new approach to the world of high end audio, a sculpture whose purpose resides in the satisfaction of our most prominent senses: sight and sound. Add our speakers to your environment and let them leave the lasting impression they were designed to make.

Inspired by Modern Architecture...

a pencil and paper would shed first light on a speaker that would break the standards for acoustical design.

As the concept developed...

the ability to create such a speaker was steadily growing, giving proof of possibility to what was in mind.

Engineered to perfection...

and backed by countless simulations, the groundwork was complete to ensure presence-matching performance.

Brought into the world...

with looks to kill and sound to thrill, the culmination of a three year vision has stepped out of theory, up for interpretation.