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The Motive

Inspired by Modern Architecture...

a pencil and paper would shed first light on a speaker that would break the standards for acoustical design.

As the concept developed...

the ability to create such a speaker was steadily growing, giving proof of possibility to what was in mind.

Engineered to perfection...

and backed by countless simulations, the groundwork was complete to ensure presence-matching performance.

Brought into the world...

with looks to kill and sound to thrill, the culmination of a three year vision has stepped out of theory, up for interpretation.


The History

Although our speakers are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States, we stay true to our Polish heritage. The name "Malbork" is derived from Poland's largest and most historically influential castle of Teutonic order. Whilst the name "Warsaw" represents Poland's most important city: its capital, and represents our most important speaker as well.

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