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Although our speakers are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States, we stay true to our Polish heritage. The name "Malbork" is derived from Poland's largest and most historically influential castle of Teutonic order. Whilst the name "Warsaw" represents Poland's most important city: its capital, and represents our most important speaker as well.

"The sound was clean and crisp, mercifully not "metallic" Music, particularly percussion, seemed fast on the attacks on tracks like Thomas Newman's "Dead Already" from the American Beauty film soundtrack. O-Zone Percussion Group's "Jazz Variants" showed more texture and body on the various drums, along with clarity on tambourine, chimes, and cymbals."

"Hovering above the powerful polypropylene-cone woofer are two crimped-aluminum cone drivers that handle critical midrange frequencies; situated between them is a ribbon tweeter in an open-back enclosure, which takes advantage of that transducer’s rear-firing dispersion to present a deep soundstage and lifelike room ambience, reproducing frequencies up to an inaudible 30 kHz."
                                                                                             -Robb Report

Our interpretation of luxury is in exclusivity, which is why the Warsaw is strictly built-to-order. We cater to enthusiasts who indulge in both art and sound, and to retain our prestige, offer them a product that few will get the chance to own.

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